Annual Meeting Information


The Citizens of the Town of Rochester in the County of Olmsted and the State of
Minnesota who are qualified to vote at General Elections are hereby notified of
The Annual Town Election. The election will be held at the Rochester Town Hall
which is located at 4111 11th Avenue SW, in said town the 8th day of March, 2016
between 5:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. for the purpose of electing a supervisor for 3 year term and a clerk/treasurer for a two year term. The annual meeting will be held on this date at
the same location at 8:15 P.M. Absentee Ballot may be obtained by calling
421-9431 or email from February 16 thru March 7. Absentee voting is also available on the Saturday prior to the election at the town hall from 1-3 pm.
The tax levy for the 2017 year and the general business of the Town will be discussed.
In case of inclement weather, the meeting and election may be postponed until the
third Tuesday in March at the same times.

/s/ Gary Swenson, Rochester Township Clerk/Treasurer




Annual Meeting & Elections:

This Year’s Annual Meeting is set for Tuesday, March 8th beginning at 8pm in the Rochester Town Hall. Election polls open at 5pm and close at 8pm.  Absentee Voting will take place Saturday March 5th from 1PM to 3 PM.  In addition to voting, the Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to join our neighbors to review the past year’s activities including the budget.  Also, we will discuss plans for the 2016 work program.  Your input is valued as we implement this program.


Road Maintenance:

As always during the winter snow season, parking of vehicles or trailers on township roads is prohibited, as is the placing of either rubbish or recycling bins on the road pavement. The latter must be placed off of the pavement in your driveway to avoid interfering with plowing of snow.  The containers are at risk of being hit or if the trucks go around them, a snow pile remains for you and others to deal with.   Another issue we keep dealing with is driveway markers, please contact our office 282-6488 before you put any in the township right-of-way.


The largest budget item is “road maintenance”. Since 2004, Rochester Township and Cascade Township, have shared the cost of maintaining a combined total of 61 miles of roadway.   The road maintenance budget includes the cost of equipment, sand & salt, culverts, resurfacing materials and staff time.  Sharing these expenses is managed through a cooperative arrangement called a Joint Powers Agreement. This relationship continues to be very cost effective.


This past year, the Rochester Town Board devoted a large portion of our road paving budget to repairing and putting on the second lift on Mayo Woodlands Road and Glencroft Ln SW.   This should have been done by the developer as part of the development agreement, but the developer was in default so the Township did it and placed liens and assessments against some un-sold lots in order to get reimbursed.


Police Protection:

In 2016 Deputy Miller will be on another assignment we want to thank him for 4 years of service in our township and wish him the best in his new role with the department.  Come to the Annual Meeting and meet our new Deputy -Tracy Pagel.  She can be reached, for non-emergency matters, through County dispatch at 328-6800. For emergencies, call 911.


Fire Protection:

We continue to receive fire protection service from the city of Rochester. This purchased service has a beneficial effect on our insurance rates and contributes to the health and welfare of our community.


Storm Water Management:

Annually the Township is required to update our MS4 Storm Water Management Plan that is aimed at reducing runoff and pollution. We all can contribute to the success of our plan by reducing the use of yard chemicals, regularly pumping septic tanks (every 2-3 years), proper disposal of toxic chemicals/hazardous waste, etc.  Rain gardens have been shown to be effective for reducing runoff. Contact the Olmsted County Public Works Department at 285-8231 for information and advice.


Right-of-Way Reminder:

Are you planning work to be done in the Township Road Right-of-Way, (33′ on each side of the road centerline) call a town supervisor before you start.


Town Hall Utilization:

The Town hall may be available for meetings, etc. Call Gary Swenson, Clerk at 421-9431.  Call me also if you might be interested in the position of clerk/treasurer for the township in the future.